Thursday, August 5, 2010

heavy |ˈhevē|adjective ( heavier , heaviest )1 of great weight; difficult to lift or move : the pan was too heavy for me to carry.used in questions about weight : how heavy is it?[ attrib. ] (of a class of thing) above the average weight; large of its kind : heavy artillery.[ predic. ] weighed down; full of something : branches heavy with blossoms.(of a person's head or eyes) feeling weighed down by weariness : a heavy head.Physics of or containing atoms of an isotope of greater than the usual mass. See also heavy water .2 of great density; thick or substantial : heavy gray clouds | a heavy blanket.(of food or a meal) hard to digest; too filling.(of ground or soil) hard to travel over or work with because muddy or full of clay.not delicate or graceful; coarse : he had a big mustache and heavy features.moving slowly or with difficulty : steering that is heavy when parking.Aviation, informal (of a large aircraft) leaving a large amount of turbulence behind in its flight.(of a smell) overpowering : the air was heavy with the sweet odor of apples.(of the sky) full of dark clouds; oppressive : a heavy thundery sky.3 of more than the usual size, amount, or force : rush hour traffic was heavy and I was delayed.doing something to excess : a heavy smoker.( heavy on) using a lot of : stories heavy on melodrama.4 striking or falling with force : a heavy blow to the head | we had heavy overnight rain.causing a strong impact : a heavy fall.(of music, esp. rock) having a strong bass component and a forceful rhythm.5 needing much physical effort : long hours and heavy work.mentally oppressive; hard to endure : a heavy burden of responsibility.important or serious : a heavy discussion.(of a literary work) hard to read or understand because overly serious or difficult.feeling or expressing grief : I left him with a heavy heart.informal (of a situation) serious and hard to deal with : things were getting pretty heavy.informal (of a person) strict or harsh : the police were really getting heavy.noun ( pl. heavies)1 a thing, such as a vehicle, that is large or heavy of its kind.informal a large, strong man, esp. one hired for protection : I needed money to pay off the important person : music business heavies.( heavies) Brit., informal serious newspapers : reporters from the Sunday heavies.2 a villainous role or actor in a book, movie, etc. : we've got to have this guy play the heavy.3 chiefly Scottish strong beer, esp. bitter : a pint of heavy.adverbheavily : his words hung heavy in the air | [in combination ] heavy-laden.PHRASESheavy with child pregnant.make heavy weather of see weather .DERIVATIVESheavily |ˈhevəlē| adverbheaviness nounheavyish adjectiveORIGIN Old English hefig, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hevig, also to heave .

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